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Commander Singles now available!!!

posted on 06/24/11

Commander & Elspeth Vs. Tezzeret Duel Deck singles are now available.  Our buylist was also updated... Go check it out!!!

Stock Update!!!

posted on 05/20/11

A quick update before the weekend:

  • More New Phyrexia stock added
  • New Phyrexia Foils now available
  • The buylist has been updated with New Phyrexia
  • A bunch of foils from the Shards block added to inventory

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

We are up and running folks!!!

posted on 04/22/11

We still have a bunch to do, but we are live!!!  Please contact us with any questions or comments (ccg@thewarstore.com).  We will keep you up to date as we get stuff added right here!!!

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